Why use a Professional Pet Sitter? 

Advantages for Your Pet: 

  • Hiring Cornelius Pet Sitters reduces stress and anxiety. Your pet stays in its own familiar secure environment where all the sights, smells and sounds say “home”. 
  • Diet and exercise.  Customary diet and exercise routines are followed, with no interruption to upset your pet. 
  • No “Travel Trauma”. Travel in a vehicle to a relative’s home, a boarding facility or kennel may upset your pet. 
  • Health Concerns. With a pet sitter, there is minimal exposure to illnesses of other animals. 
  • TLC. Most importantly, your pet receives love and personal attention while you are away. 

Advantages for You: 

  • Travel. You won’t be inconvenienced or upset by transporting your pet. 
  • No imposition. You don’t have to impose on a friend, neighbor or relative to care for your pet.  Instead, you can rely on a pet care professional who will put your pet’s needs first. 
  • Security. Your home is made more secure by the crime deterrent services we provide. 
  • Peace of Mind. While you’re away, you can feel confident your pet is in capable, caring hands. 
  • Cornelius Pet Sitters offers special services. Some additional home services while caring for your pet(s), are such things as watering plants, bringing in the mail, newspapers and more.